Long in Montevideo

30 11 2011

Long in Montevideo by mcneilmahon at Garmin Connect – Details.

Another late entry and unfortunately it’s going to stop here as far as running roads is concerned for a couple of weeks.  It was a hot, hot afternoon as I plodded up and down the lovely promenade of Montevideo after my morning exertions for Macmillan (Feedback Fiesta and Correction Celebration at IH Montevideo). 

Little did I know that there was a 10km race planned for 5pm so I was surprised to see few if anyone out sharing my run with me and then the police closed the coast road for me to run on.  Having laughed at all the people running last Sunday in Puerto Madero after the Nike 10km (why didn’t they join the rest of us in the race?) I found myself unwittingly in the same boat.  I wanted to be wearing a t-shirt that said ‘I’m flying out of here in an hour otherwise I’d be running with the rest of you’.  

And unfortunately I felt a twinge in my right calf in the last of the 8km which I forgot about as soon as I stopped running but remembered as soon as I tried to go out again the following Tuesday – after a single KM I had to stop for the tightness.  Hopefully I stopped quickly enough and I won’t be resting for long, but I won’t try again until I get back from Sao Paulo to ensure I have a good rest of it before I go again.  Got to keep fit for the summer and make the most of the time I’m going to have to run as well as trying to keep the Christmas kilos at bay.  

Easy does it

10 11 2011

Easy by mcneilmahon at Garmin Connect – Details.

My last training run before the big day on Saturday.  My first 10k race since 2009?  It can’t be, I must have done a few in 2010, but perhaps I haven’t done a race since I fell of my bike at the back end of 2009? 

Anyway an easy 6k today to build on the long run of yesterday and get my legs feeling how the last few k might feel on Saturday.  Would like to go for a swim tomorrow but since we have to go and fetch our kits I doubt I’ll get round to it.  

Thinking wise I tried to concentrate on making a to do list for Sunday about what I need to do for the conference but my body demanded my full attention so I didn’t get very far.  Going to be a busy two weeks with Montevideo next weekend and then the conference on the 25th.  Exciting times. 

At Long last

9 11 2011

Long by mcneilmahon at Garmin Connect – Details.

You might not believe me cos I haven’t got the Garmin proof to prove it but I ran an 8km long on Sunday.  Was planning to run again yesterday and then Thursday leading up to the race on Saturday, but it was the father-in-law’s 75th birthday so that plan was postponed until today, when i managed to add a km and get to 9km in just over an hour.  Means I’m pretty confident I should get to 10 on Saturday.  

I’m improving my form all the time, but it takes a lot of mental effort to get the body to behave itself.  If I’m not thinking of my knees, or my feet, or lifting the quads or pushing forward through the pelvis then they start to slacken or go off centre or pain arrives.  My worry with all this mind over body control is that I’m running too tense and so I’m trying to run relaxed too – so many things to think about that I end up thinking about nothing else.  But it’s all good for me at the end of the day I hope.  

My slowest, shortest Fast – an achievement all the same

3 11 2011

Fast by mcneilmahon at Garmin Connect – Details.

Seems a bit odd to call last night’s run a fast one since I averaged around 6:30/km, not to mention the fact I only ran 5.3k.  But this all just goes to show how far I went and how far behind I now am.  The important thing is I managed to run 5k as fast as I can now without giving up and without injuring myself.

I managed to go 8 days without a run beforehand, which wasn’t part of the plan.  I need to be stricter with the days when Mer can’t run and go anyway.  The Nike 10k is only 10 days away now and I’ve only managed to run half the distance.  I need to go out every other day between now and the race, which is doable: Friday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and try and get up to at least 8k during these races.  It will actually be fun to not have run 10k before the big day, a long way away from the days of running 20k three days before a 10k race, but then it was overdoing it like that that got me injured and where I’m at now anyway.

Today the foot doctor, tomorrow the knee doctor.  Let’s hope they give me the all clear and I can continue the comeback.

Last night’s thoughts: what do I have to do nd when do I have to do it.  Professionally Developing talk for IH Recoleta?belgrano on Friday, needs to be finished off tomorrow.  It’s going to be completely different to the times I’ve done it before in Mexico and ABS, since the audience will have heard of almost if not all the means of developing, so it’s gonna be more of a refelction on what suits each of us best.

Feedback Fiesta for Montevideo on the 19th November.  Again, very different since a three hour talk instead of an hour.  Lots more time to focus on error correction and separate out the three types of feedback and look at each in more detail.  Will need quite a bit of work mind to get it ready, though that will have to wait until the weekend after next, since this weekend is dedicated to preparing for the first IH Teachers Online Conference on Friday 25th November.  Really exciting project, I just hope the teachers hear about it and decide to come share with us.

Already breaking the rules

25 10 2011

Easy by mcneilmahon at Garmin Connect – Details.

Having gently upped the distance yesterday, the new rules say no running til Thursday, but since the wife wanted to go running, I was called upon to accompany her.

I tried to take it as easy as possible and certainly ran slowly, but still almost ran 5km again the day after running the distance for the first time in over three months.

It was hard work but at times I felt good and at others I felt not-un-surprisingly leggy.  I’ve managed to get back to the coach and the ice pack without signs of being worse for wear.  Hopefully I’ll have built up some stamina with the double shift over the last two days without putting the comeback at risk.  Time will tell.

The worrying thing is I spent most of the run thinking that I’m getting old.  The body’s not responding as well as it used to, the mind is starting to struggle to find the right word at times, I’m clumsier than ever.

Hence the need to get the comeback right and run consistently back into shape to try and keep the years under control…

Take Five

24 10 2011

Easy 5km by mcneilmahon at Garmin Connect – Details.

After a third easy run last Thursday which I didn’t record properly on my watch (hence the lack of a blog post) I decided it was time to up the stakes a little today, so I ended up running 5km although keeping it at quite an easy pace.

After a heavy weekend food wise, I felt pretty sluggish. although I started out at 6:30 pace, which is quite sprightly for my present lack of fitness.

I was pretty knackered at the end, although i did toy with the idea of a second lap of the Palermo lake since I was feeling pretty good as I came to complete the first, but in line with my new slowly slowly philosophy I managed to resist the temptation.

About the only thought I remember having on the run was that my target for the Nike 10km should probably be just to finish. Although I’d hope to finish in under 1:10:00, this may not be possible since I only started training again so close to the race.  To think I could run a 56:00 10km and run to work every day (3.5km) and hit 90kg a couple of years ago now fills me with amazement.  If I can get back to that level, I’ll appreciate it a lot more than I did at the time, that’s for sure.

Still Taking It Easy

19 10 2011

Easy by mcneilmahon at Garmin Connect – Details.

Another Easy run on Monday, trying my hardest to keep myself in check and slowly and surely build it up, so as to avoid injury.  The short term goal is to complete the Nike 10km without injury, the long term goal to run next year’s Buenos Aires marathon – haha!

Managed to run a tad quicker this time and keep running the whole time, so pleasing progress.  Was also able to ponder how to attract teachers to record and certify their professional development.  Conclusions?  Needs to be continuous, inclusive and as much as possible teacher centred and teacher chosen.  All of which make it more difficult to administer from an organisational point of view, but there’s the challenge.

Hopefully once I start running a bit further I’ll start having time to think more too…

Back on track

13 10 2011

Easy by mcneilmahon at Garmin Connect – Details.

Almost three months after injuring my foot and I finally hit the roads again.  Gentle as you like and with plenty of ice afterwards, but I managed 3km and 25 minutes of slow jogging and it just felt so good to be out there again.

The aim is to take it slow and build it up and try and have an injury free summer, but since I ran today almost continuously I feel like I’ve already overdone it.

And since I was really focused on how my knees and feet were doing and how I was running, there weren’t really any flowing thoughts today, just a blurred feeling of relief to get through it and happiness about finally being back on track.  Long may it continue!

Monumental miles

25 07 2011

Long by mcneilmahon at Garmin Connect – Details.

After yesterday’s short sharp burst, today was a case of plodding out the long miles in order to keep up the week’s distance totals (aiming for a modest 20km a week minimum at the moment as my body adjusts to fulltime running again) but for the most part I felt quite sprightly and certainly wasn’t plodding.  It was just the last couple of km I started to feel the left knee, which hasn’t happened in a long time,  but unlike last week’s calf twinge I felt I could run through this ache and did so successfully.  

It was fun to be accompanied for quite a bit of the run by the fans leaving the Monumental after the Copa final.  Strange to feel I’d just been watching these guys on TV enjoying one of the world’s biggest footballing occasions and then there they are watching me ‘fly’ past them in my lycra.

 Seems I’ve already got the thoughts flowing.  Here’s some more:

Showcasing the sexworkers of Palermo park to the departing Uruguayan and Paraguayan fans post-Copa America final is not the best way to sell our beautiful city to visitors. 

Gobbing on your chin just before entering the most populated leg of your run and making a mess of wiping it off is not the best way of selling your own athletic prowess to passing rollerbladers (lucky I’m married then, innit). 

I’ve got a lot done today work-wise while enjoying a lot of sport – great finish to the tour de France (what amazing athletes they are and what an underrated sportsman Mark Cavendish is in his homeland), great day’s test cricket (not only do England have a world class cyclist, they also have the best wicket-keeper batsman in the world, an unheard of combination) and a pretty decent final to the Copa America (better than the vast majority of the tournament at least, which was a huge letdown) – which is a satisfying way to kick off what’s going to be a busy couple of weeks leading up to Delta One starting in Montevideo.  

Gotta be organised and focused and keep the momentum up throughout these weeks to come.  Holiday’s not far away :).  Still more work to do when get back home, and then would be good to read that Vygotsky article etc. instead of getting too much into a film.  

What would’ve happened if Spurs had bought Suarez or Forlan when we allegedly had the chance in January?  Would we have got fourth place.  I doubt Forlan would have made much of a difference, since VDV was already confusing the rest of our strikers in a similar role, but Suarez just might have created and scored quite a few goals that just didn’t happen.  Please Daniel Levy find and buy the right striker(s) for Spurs this window. 

Put the fridge on mercadolibre when I get home or Mer won’t be happy. 

Going round in circles

24 07 2011

A complete mess or a rich source of synonym?  No idea myself, but I enjoy the parallelisms and the overall circular structure.  Enjoy.

I laugh at your words

So you smile at my laugh

An ironic smile that makes me curse.

You’re offended by my curse

And I’m angered at the offence

And you’re incredulous I’m angry

And I’m confounded by your disbelief

And you sneer at my confusion

And I sigh at your complacency

And you shout at my exasperation

And I ignore your noise

And wind you up with my poise

And I’m victorious at your losing it

And you’re livid at my winning grin

And I’m sarcastic at your temper tantrum

And you’re amused by my irony

And I chuckle at your smile

A smug chuckle that makes you swear

And I take umbrage at your language

And you’re irate at my huff

And I can’t believe your ire

And you’re confused by my incredulity

And I’m complacent that you’re confounded

And you’re exasperated at my sneer

But I keep still at your sighing

And you yell at my ignoring you

And I lose it with your shouting

And you grin winningly at winding me up

I lose my temper at your victory parade

And you’re ironic at my lividness

And I’m amused at your sarcasm

And you laugh at my words

So I smile at your laugh

An ironic smile that makes you curse.


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