Fast and free-thinking

10 07 2011

We ran 12km yesterday in preparation for an all-you-can-eat visit to Rodizzio, to thank our cousin and estate agent for all his help during our house move at the back end of last year.  So the idea of today’s run was a quick and easy one, but then I got in the mood and decided to try and get as close to 6min/km pace as possible and maintain it for five minutes.  In the end I wasn’t too far away.  

Some of the thoughts that I can remember that occured to me while running today:

My branding lessons can be much broader – get away from the branding book

Do a straight test-teach-test lesson on the adjectives from the branding onion

Include language analyses for all new / useful language I include in my lesson plans – to help inexperienced teachers get into the habit of doing (or at least thinking) them themselves

Will anyone ever read my blog? 

What would come of it? 

What will Mer think of it? 




2 responses

11 07 2011
Alastair Grant

I can answer a couple of those for you… but with more questions than answers, come to think of it. Firstly, well done with the running – I really need to get my act together there – it’s been months now and the excuse of having hurt my knee back in March was…. back in March.

Secondly, I’m reading your blog 🙂

Thirdly – am sure Mer will love it – upload some videos of us in The Oldest of a Thursday night discussing literature, teaching methodology and cricket and she’ll be delighted (or asleep) as will my missus.

How do you spell “missus”?

11 07 2011

Hi Al,

Yes, that old knee excuse doesn’t work anymore. Maybe we could run to a midpoint and say hi one Sunday :).

Thanks for checking the blog out, it’s early days, but I seem to have enough content in the dark depths of my harddrive to keep adding to it for a while yet.

And bring your video camera to our next oldest jaunt then – which is when…?

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