101 Vocab bag activities – Reworked

11 07 2011

101 vocab bag activities click here for handout

This handout comes from a workshop I’ve run a few times in Buenos Aires for IH teachers.  Do you have a vocab bag with your classes?  All incidental vocab that comes up in class (as well as planned learned vocab) gets written up on strips of paper (in my classes by the last person to arrive to class) and saved in a ziplock bag.  The handout above has ideas for how to use these vocab cards in subsequent classes.

The descriptions of the activities on the handout are incredibly brief, if you’d like me to expand on any of them please just drop me a comment.


Ways to add a critical thinking element to your vocab bag activities:

Students create Why questions with vocab bag vocab in them.  Then the class mingles and they ask other students their questions and they then have to answer them.

Students rank the vocab in terms of usefulness / meaning / attraction to them.

Students link the vocab to a member of their family in some way and then explain to their partner how the link works.

Students match words to Bloom’s creative thinking taxonomy – which ones do they want to remember, understand, apply, analyse, evaluate, create…

Students create three collocations for each phrase




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