And the silence

15 07 2011

This is a bit of a The Cure style song (i.e. a bit of a rip off of ‘How Beautiful You Are’), but I enjoy the odd story telling song now and then – hope you do.  Can you find the tune in there, there’s still a few dodgy lines I’d like to smoothen…

Take us to a place where we can laugh we said

But we didn’t believe a word you said

We thought the place would be so dead

But you came up trumps with the party house

And we danced all night and lost our heads

And then she came to me

And she took my hand

And she smiled and she slurred some words

And I smelt her smell and I drank in her eyes

But the words

They weren’t there at all.

And she waited and waited and smiled and smiled

And I smelt and I drank and I was quiet like a child

And it started to slide and she started to go

And she slipped from my grasp so painfully slow

And I was stunned for a moment by the vacuum she left

The space that would always be there

And then it all came back to me at once

The words that I wanted for her.

The wit and the turn of phrase so sure

And the timing so raconteur.

But she’d slipped through the crowd onto someone else

And they were smelling her and drinking her in

And they were chatting and laughing and dancing as well

And my suffering was all consuming.

So I danced and I dreamed and I screamed inside

At the silence that haunts me still

And I asked myself again why I’m so painfully shy

When I need to know where to begin

But one of these days when you take me to a place

Where I meet the one I need to meet

I can still hope that silence will be quiet enough

And she’ll understand and make me bleed

So I’ll follow you now to where you want to be

Because the chance of her smile could always be there

And you think I’m going because I want to know

But I only want to answer my prayer




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