Long and thoughtful

16 07 2011

Long by mcneilmahon at Garmin Connect – Details.

Went for a long run today since didn’t get out last night in the end – was exhausted after a long and difficult Celta week.  But after a morning of following tweets from #LABCI and following the Tour de France and The Open while Tottenham kicked off their pre-season rather ignominiously I was feeling invigorated and up for a long but well-paced run, aiming to try and stay around the 6.30 mark for 10K.  It was going well as I ran around the big lake in the Palermo forests, but then after 8k felt my left calf tightening up so had to stop and walk the last 2K home.  Something I was actually quite proud of since previously I would have just kept running and hurt it even more, especially on top of the fab thoughts I was having:

Don’t overdo it, stay within yourself (I ignored this one unfortunately)

Don’t forget to look at the lake – Que lindo el lago!

Do people listen to so much music because they don’t want to listen to their own thoughts?

I need to sort out my twitter scheduling – maybe it needs to be on for them to go out?

Did I overdo the tweeting this morning?  I don’t think so, I was always adding something to the conversation, otherwise speakers are just accepted without too much critical thought.

Why’s everyone so nauseatingly polite to each other on Twitter (at least in the ELT sphere)? Where’s the critical thinking?  Everything is great, fantastic, briliant, even before it’s been tried and tested or thought through.  Not helpful to evolution.

Some and any activity to add to the blog post – students choose whether contexts are definite or indefinite and then add in some, or any, or the, or a/an, to differentiate the differences.  And then to make it critical thinking – SS decide which of the sentences are most helpful to them and why.  And then they change the others to make them more them.




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