Sunday morning circles

19 07 2011

Fast by mcneilmahon at Garmin Connect – Details.

A different place to run on Sunday and a different way of doing it.  Having had a late night elt chat and steak and ale pie and all the trimmings (minus Get Carter) with @alastairjgrant the night before, I was woken up worse for wear and dragged off to the CEMIC hospital in Saavedra to welcome Mateo Nicastro to the world.

Then down to Parque Sarmiento to try and keep up with Mer while she ran her fast run.  Having run on Saturday and suffering from the worst hangover I’ve had since Spurs lost 4 – 0 to Real Madrid (although that one didn’t involve alcohol), I was determined to prove I could still enjoy a Sunday morning run with the missus.  She was determined to run me into the ground for misbehaving the night before.

I kept up pretty well (notwithstanding an early water stop) as we did a fifteen minute warm up trot around the park, but once the fast 20mins started I was struggling.  So I took to enjoying the sunshine and the Sunday morning walkers as I watched Mer drift away from me and into the distance.  I also tried to enjoy the pain my body was putting me through.  My legs, after their pacey 5K yesterday were trying to outdo my stomach in their whining, but the stomach, laced with steak and whiskey and cigar smoke was always going to win.

But amidst all of this pain and sunshine, I still managed a few thoughts to take home and add to my running roads blog:

Never have a second whiskey when you’ve drunk other drinks beforehand.

Keep the gas mark low when cooking that steak and ale pie.

Did Al get home ok?

There’s such a huge divide between positive thinking and negative thinking.  How can I help negative thinkers enjoy their lives more, or think more positively?

Let’s hope Mateo is a positive thinker.  Are we born thinking in a particular way, perhaps due to the chemical make up of our brains, or are we conditioned to thinking that way by our parents / environment?

Al and I might need more and more concrete ideas for our blog before we launch it.  Or is momentum more important?

Auxiliary verbs prove the existence of the perfect aspect unfortunately.  Bugger.  I didn’t deserve that second whiskey then.

There were probably other thoughts too, but I’ve forgotten them due to the pain.  How long will this hangover last.




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