Nice and Easy

20 07 2011

Easy by mcneilmahon at Garmin Connect – Details.

A relatively short but still quite pleasingly quick Tuesday evening run.  I do need to plan my running better though.  I left home not knowing whether I was going to do hill work or easy and started out thinking hills but then changed my mind when I imagined Mer would want to do hills tomorrow and so went for easy.

The new running style, straight and pushing from the backside forwards while trying to use my quads more is working well at the moment.  I hope that’s why I’m going quicker, I certainly feel like I’m running softer which is vital for me (clumsy oaf that I am) if I want to avoid repeated injuries.

Since I was thinking a lot about my posture and form once I’d decided what kind of run to do, I didn’t do much by the way of thinking this evening, just the following:

This part of the blog is pure self-motivation.  I hope people realise recording my runs here and posting the Garmin maps etc. is simply a way of gettign me to run – I get motivated by thinking I’ll be publishing my run once I get home.

Why does that motivate me?  I like statistics, I love the technology that Garmin gives me, I love being able to see the improvements I make visually on the screen, and I enjoy the recording of my mental notes as well, it helps me remember some of the littler thoughts that I may come back to one day, you never know.

And so Running Roads is helping me to run better and hopefully will help me to run smarter.  Will Singing Songs get me writing songs again?  Will it ever encourage me to publish my longer writing here? Will the teaching areas help with my teaching?   We’ll see.




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