Going round in circles

24 07 2011

A complete mess or a rich source of synonym?  No idea myself, but I enjoy the parallelisms and the overall circular structure.  Enjoy.

I laugh at your words

So you smile at my laugh

An ironic smile that makes me curse.

You’re offended by my curse

And I’m angered at the offence

And you’re incredulous I’m angry

And I’m confounded by your disbelief

And you sneer at my confusion

And I sigh at your complacency

And you shout at my exasperation

And I ignore your noise

And wind you up with my poise

And I’m victorious at your losing it

And you’re livid at my winning grin

And I’m sarcastic at your temper tantrum

And you’re amused by my irony

And I chuckle at your smile

A smug chuckle that makes you swear

And I take umbrage at your language

And you’re irate at my huff

And I can’t believe your ire

And you’re confused by my incredulity

And I’m complacent that you’re confounded

And you’re exasperated at my sneer

But I keep still at your sighing

And you yell at my ignoring you

And I lose it with your shouting

And you grin winningly at winding me up

I lose my temper at your victory parade

And you’re ironic at my lividness

And I’m amused at your sarcasm

And you laugh at my words

So I smile at your laugh

An ironic smile that makes you curse.




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