My CPD and I – Developing my fulfillment

7 08 2011

I’ve recently been enjoying the company of a lot of disparate thoughts knocking around inside my empty head, some of them appearing as a result of writing this blog (what great personal and professional development blog writing and reading and commenting are!), as well as a result of the various jobs I do and roles I play in the different areas of my life.

Some seeds have been sown which are shooting up and about to bloom into ideas and thoughts and questions and hopfully flower-lined paths towards a richer and more fulfilling future.  These thoughts have been about where I’m at, where I’m going to, and where I should be – am I still pushing myself sufficiently?  Am I being held back?  Am I being impatient?  Am I missing opportunities?  This series of blog posts (My CPD and I) is where I go delving into my own development.

I guess I’m doing it as a kind of catharsis, a reflection and a way of planning how to move forward.  I’m doing it aloud to keep the motivation going; to hopefully find some similar thinkers out there who may recognise similar struggles; to maybe help someone through reading my thoughts on the process they’re going through and most of all, selfishly, to get some help from some of you with the moving forward part – all supportive comments welcome.

Comment on Atletico Bilbao match thread on SC

7 08 2011

Two things I love about this thread:

1) David’s brilliant summary of the match for those of us that weren’t there and his patience and insight in follow up posts, keeping the thread as a whole together and relevant and helpful to those of us who live too far away from WHL…


2) the emergence of more support for my theory that buying VDV actually cost us fourth place last season. I know, I know, it was only a friendly and all that, but it seems patently clear to me that, while they all have their limitations, PC, JD and Super Pav are all much better players playing with each other in a combination of 442 than they are playing 451 with VDV. Like the rest of you, I hope we can find a way to buy the improvement striker we all crave, but at the same time I hold out hope that if we can’t bring it off, at least we can make the most of three of the strikers we’ve got by playing 442 rather than just one of them by playing 451.

Nowhere fast

7 08 2011

Wonder if anyone noticed I haven’t posted a run for over a week now?  Really bad timing for two reasons too.  A trip to Montevideo meant an opportunity for one of my favourite runs – 10km up and down the promenade from Pocitos in towards Downtown, getting overtaken by the real runners and enjoying watching the locals out for a lazy afternoon stroll.  And today was the Reebok 10km, one of my fave races of the year for the entertainment of dodging overconfidently lined up ankles and the exhilaration of running with 10 000 other like-mindeds on a Sunday morning, including Mer who guardia-ed on Thursday and would have run despite my absence if it hadn’t been for an attack of Bronchitis.

Right foot is playing up.  I imagine it’s just a case of overdoing it and stressing the bones on the outside of my foot but it’s been pretty painful the last two weeks and means I limp when I walk, sometimes quite badly.  I’ve applied plenty of the RIE of RICE but don’t have an appointment with the Doc for another couple of weeks, so won’t be able to confirm I haven’t done anything worse until it gets better or I go see him.  Let’s hope the former is the case and sooner rather than later, since back to Montevideo next weekend and losing out on the promise of the promenade twice would be careless.  So no running thoughts to offer you, but plenty of time for other thoughts elsewhere on the blog.  Hopefully the Garmin, the running thoughts and I will be back running roads soon.