MY CPD & I – What fulfills me?

8 08 2011

Surely I should be fulfilled enough as it is, you may ask?  Well, maybe, but suffering from the human condition as I do, I’m afraid to admit I want a little bit more.  I want a little bit more challenge, I want a little bit more responsibility, I want a little bit more creativity, I want to learn as much as I can a often as I can and I want a little bit more wonga. 

I feel most fulfilled when I’m challenged, really challenged.  Challenged to think, to find soultions to problems, set goals to achieve (preferably lofty ones); challenged to help others overcome their own challenges and achieve their goals. 

I feel like I have responsibility when I am included in the decision making processes that affect my work and that of my colleagues, when my opinion ore sought and when I am listened to and asked for ideas, contributions to help the team move forward.  I also feel responsibility when given challenging tasks to complete by myself for the good of the whole and left to complete them, my way and my time.

I feel creative when I’m given the opportunity to design learning programmes, the space and resources to experiment with new ideas and am asked for help with solving problems, refining systems and developing new income streams and ways of doing.

I feel like I’m learning more when I’m involved in new experiences, working with new people, encountering new perspectives on known information., I also learn from being included in the information flow within the team and given the opportunity to share and learn from others within and beyond the team.

Personally, I also need the time and space to reflect, alone (hence this blog) and with colleagues, on what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, why we’re doing it and where we’re taking it.  This reflection helps to bring the challenge, responsibility, creativity and learning together and produce results and new goals to move on to.

And I would feel like I’m getting moderately more wonga if I were paid the going rate and perhaps had the opportunity within the above to receive some extra if irregular spin-offs andbenefits to top up the monthly wage and guard against the rampant inflation.  Much as I believe it shouldn’t and doesn’t need to exist, money does still make the world go round.  




2 responses

8 08 2011
Ben Naismith

Here here, couldn’t agree with you more. Luckily I get to do all those things except make real money. The price you pay I suppose for living (and marrying in) Latin America…

8 08 2011

Hi Ben,
So do I actually, as you’ll find out in the next post in the series tomorrow…
But the fact that dedicated professionals like ourselves who make a positive difference to people’s lives don’t get paid ‘real money’ (let alone ‘silly money’ like a lot of people who make negative differences) does leave me feeling unfulfilled.

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