Gustav Caillebotte – Los acuchilladores de parqué, 1875

21 08 2011

Gustav Caillebotte, Los acuchilladores de parqué, 1875

I have always found this picture incredibly intriguing and have had many opportunities to consider it since I have a copy on my living room wall at home.  The colours of the floor and whitewash of the walls make it incredibly simple to locate within the decorations of a room with parquet floors.  The incredible portrayal of light also benefit any space it adorns.  Caillebotte has expertly captured the light seeping through the window and its beautiful railings and has also portrayed the muscular labour of the workman as they wield their tools in the search for a better prepared and more aesthetically laid floor.  

I also wonder if there isn’t a hint of celebration in the artists portrayal of such physically impressive workers.  Their poses hint at more than simply hard, manual labour.  The artist’s perspective is looking down upon both their work and their bodies and it’s difficult to separate the two concepts.  The play of light and dark; of the brightness of nature shedding light on previously unrealised shadows of its potency; the curled up shards of discarded wood clashing with the straight and parallel lines of the well-laid floor.  There are many stories in the scene described here for us, let alone what the world outside from whence the light comes may offer us.  

There is innate beauty in the physicality proffered us as much as there may well be a wealth of social awareness and even confession as soon as we, at the invitation of the workers we see in the picture, scratch below the surface.  

The end is gone

21 08 2011

This one is about 20 years old already – amazing to think I’ve been carrying these songs around on scraps of paper for two decades.  Now some of them are going electronic, will they last longer that way, or will the end come soon enough anyway?

And it’s dark

And it’s cold

And the rain beats down inside my soul

And I’m alone

And I’m old

And empty steals around

Inside my soul

The end is gone

Let’s start again she said

Let go of her

Be with me instead

And it’s dawn

And it’s light

And the stars are clear

And strong all night

And I’m warm

And you’re right

And I forget about her

Without a fight

And I smile again

Because I see her eyes

And they say to me

Let there be no lies.