Comment on Tottenham 4 Liverpool 0 on Spurs Community

18 09 2011

This is a key point and I hope Harry has taken note. Mucking about with 451 to accommodate VDV really didn’t help us at all last season, not withstanding our other problems (lack of firepower up front, inconsistent defending and dodgy team-picking among them). 

There is no reason to play anything other than 442, be it home or away, top, mid, or bottom of the table opposition, until such a time as we simply don’t have the players to do so due to injury or we’ve lost about four in a row. We are a much better team when we play this way and we are best playing our game and letting the opposition worry about us. 

Both Parker and Ade have started brilliantly – long may it continue. If Ledley can continue to play each weekend we have a fabulous spine to our team, something which was glaringly missing all last season. 

Come on you Spurs!




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