Wedding Hues

5 10 2011

This was written when I was still at school and it’s one of my favourite early songs.  It has a pattern, a story, some bearable rhyme and goes to a pretty decent tune too.

Colour blue

Waiting for you

To return

To me.

Colour red

Lying in bed

Wanting you

Beside me.

Colour yellow

Feeling hollow

Without you

Within me.

Colour black

Please come back

You belong

Next to me.

Colour orange

It’s so strange

Alone with you

Noone but me.

Colour white

Tonight’s the night

With love to you

from me.

Colour green

Never seen

Naked bodies

Beside me.

Colour purple

Your disciple

Follow you

Sacrifice me.

Colour pink

Please don’t sink

I’m here

Hold me.

Colour grey

Please say

That you

Love me.

Colour brown

Virginal gown

Wear to wed

Propose to me.

Colour of money

Love me honey

Don’t do it

unless you love me.






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