Still Taking It Easy

19 10 2011

Easy by mcneilmahon at Garmin Connect – Details.

Another Easy run on Monday, trying my hardest to keep myself in check and slowly and surely build it up, so as to avoid injury.  The short term goal is to complete the Nike 10km without injury, the long term goal to run next year’s Buenos Aires marathon – haha!

Managed to run a tad quicker this time and keep running the whole time, so pleasing progress.  Was also able to ponder how to attract teachers to record and certify their professional development.  Conclusions?  Needs to be continuous, inclusive and as much as possible teacher centred and teacher chosen.  All of which make it more difficult to administer from an organisational point of view, but there’s the challenge.

Hopefully once I start running a bit further I’ll start having time to think more too…




2 responses

19 10 2011

Never been a runner, but applaud your effort. I think it’s smart that you would take it slow. I too often try to leap from no activity to a big 15 mile hike or 50 mile bike ride… just not the way the body wants to work !

Best of luck with your goals, and nice work on getting teachers to consider PD more seriously. Cheers, Brad

22 10 2011

Hi Brad,
Many thanks for the comment and the encouragement. So far, so good taking it easy. Next week gonna step it up a tad. Hope you’re enjoying a hike or bike ride this weekend!

Glad you enjoy the PD posts, really enjoy reading your blog as well.
Cheers, Neil

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