Already breaking the rules

25 10 2011

Easy by mcneilmahon at Garmin Connect – Details.

Having gently upped the distance yesterday, the new rules say no running til Thursday, but since the wife wanted to go running, I was called upon to accompany her.

I tried to take it as easy as possible and certainly ran slowly, but still almost ran 5km again the day after running the distance for the first time in over three months.

It was hard work but at times I felt good and at others I felt not-un-surprisingly leggy.  I’ve managed to get back to the coach and the ice pack without signs of being worse for wear.  Hopefully I’ll have built up some stamina with the double shift over the last two days without putting the comeback at risk.  Time will tell.

The worrying thing is I spent most of the run thinking that I’m getting old.  The body’s not responding as well as it used to, the mind is starting to struggle to find the right word at times, I’m clumsier than ever.

Hence the need to get the comeback right and run consistently back into shape to try and keep the years under control…




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