Dreaming of me

3 11 2011

And everything’s happening at the same time again

You’re with someone and guess who’ve I’ve seen

And everyone’s happy with everything that’s happening

But I wish she would smile and be here with me.


I tell you to be what you are and it’s working

But what do I do about her and about me?

I tell you to fake it and see how it’s going

But I don’t think she’s even noticed I’m me


So you win from the two of us and I’m left here alone

Dreaming of gorgeousness dreaming of me

So you leave me alone praying my dreams come true

Dreams that are gorgeous and dreams that are me

But they never come true and I know that they lie to me

But what can I do that will save me again

I know that I’m left with a life full of dreams

Dreams of the day when I see the one that was meant to be

With me. 




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