Long in Montevideo

30 11 2011

Long in Montevideo by mcneilmahon at Garmin Connect – Details.

Another late entry and unfortunately it’s going to stop here as far as running roads is concerned for a couple of weeks.  It was a hot, hot afternoon as I plodded up and down the lovely promenade of Montevideo after my morning exertions for Macmillan (Feedback Fiesta and Correction Celebration at IH Montevideo). 

Little did I know that there was a 10km race planned for 5pm so I was surprised to see few if anyone out sharing my run with me and then the police closed the coast road for me to run on.  Having laughed at all the people running last Sunday in Puerto Madero after the Nike 10km (why didn’t they join the rest of us in the race?) I found myself unwittingly in the same boat.  I wanted to be wearing a t-shirt that said ‘I’m flying out of here in an hour otherwise I’d be running with the rest of you’.  

And unfortunately I felt a twinge in my right calf in the last of the 8km which I forgot about as soon as I stopped running but remembered as soon as I tried to go out again the following Tuesday – after a single KM I had to stop for the tightness.  Hopefully I stopped quickly enough and I won’t be resting for long, but I won’t try again until I get back from Sao Paulo to ensure I have a good rest of it before I go again.  Got to keep fit for the summer and make the most of the time I’m going to have to run as well as trying to keep the Christmas kilos at bay.  




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1 12 2011

Indeed – beware of all the aches and pains! I’ve been on a ‘slow-down’ for a few weeks with shin splints. Should have stopped earlier as we all know: “a stitch in time saves nine”. But I suspect runners are a stubborn breed; and combine that with language teachers, well, ….the less said the better! Good luck, hope your legs start behaving again soon.

3 12 2011

Hi Louise,
Many thanks for the comment and words of encouragement. Yes, language teachers and runners are a strange combination of stubborn breed’s, aren’t we? (I’m also a Taurus, which can’t help matters 🙂 ).

Sorry to hear about the shin splints, I’ve struggled with them myself for a long time in the past, so hope your slow down is working for you. My mind can’t wait for my body to start behaving itself again sometime soon :).

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