Easy start to New Year of running

2 01 2012


First run of the new year and the easies just got a little bit harder.  Which probably means I’m increasing the workload too quickly and will no doubt pick up another injury soon.  But after the walk home from work, even though it was getting on (and was already dark) I was really in the mood for a run.  Couldn’t decide wether to do hills, fartlek, fast or easy, so went for Easy, which is a concession to slowly, slowly at least. 

I ran a bit further than I’d intended though, since I ended up going out the other wat down Dorrego and then back up the hill again to finish, only because it was very windy and dusty so I was trying to keep the debris out my eyes by hiding behind the car park between the hippodrome and the small lake. 

A good solid easy run, not as quick as last time out at all, but sets me up for some hills or fartlek on Wednesday hopefully. 

Thinking focused on all the work I should have been doing as IHWO coordinator over Xmas, some of which I was scrabbling to put together to deadline this morning and more of which remains undone with ASAP as a deadline (so why am I writing this you might sensibly ask).  I also spent rather too long relishing Arsenal’s last gasp loss today, which makes up for their win on Saturday (thereby gaining two points on the Mighty Spurs) and gives us a great opportunity tomorrow once again to show we are more title credential nurturers than competitors for fourth place.

Happy New Year everyone! 




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3 01 2012

Apart from the fact that it sounds like a decent training (certainly if building up after an injury – been there, done that!) I find it amazing to think of ‘dust’ being an issue….we have wind over here in Holland (it’s so flat the wind just tears across the country) but dust is pretty foreign at this time of year; just rain, rain and more rain! Running and showering are the best places to have creative ideas, in my opinion, so you’ll no doubt be able to be an even better coordinator if you take more time off from it to get out for a jog ;). Good luck.

4 01 2012

Hi Louise,

Many thanks for your comment. It’s summertime here, so that’s where the dust comes in, although it was a bit of a weird one since Buenos Aires is not a very windy city most of the time. Completely agree about the creative powers of running and showering, most of the problems I had with lesson planning when I was taking the Delta were solved in the bath tub!

Hope you have a new year full of running and good ideas. And congrats on your blog – interesting reading.

Best wishes,

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