It’s not fair

24 03 2012

Don’t suppose that you could tell me?

Don’t suppose you’ll ever know?

Only I can think it over

Make a choice or let you go.


Not fair am I to keep you like this?

 Not fair is it to make this my truth?

Not fair at all but that’s the way it is

Life’s not so fair today at all


Don’t imagine that you’d leave me?

Don’t imagine that you’ll ever let me go?

Only I can free us both to

Make it fairer than it was before.


Don’t you think I’d know the answers?

Don’t you think I’ve been here before?

Only I can’t remember the way to

Make it fairer than it was before.


Don’t you know I’m turning you over?

Don’t you know I’m out of time?

Only I can see the difference

Making it up while it’s still too soon.


It’s not fair

So scream and scream so I can hear you crying

It’s not fair

And I know and I scream so I can see you dying

It’s not fair, it’s not fair, but it’s the truth.





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