I love you

26 11 2011

Funny that this song is probably about 20 years old, but I’ve just added the last verse this evening – let me know if you think it’s an improvement or not  :).

I love you

It’s gotta be said

Want you lying in my bed.

Rains all night, awake in the dark

Knowing you’re going to break my heart.


I love you

What else can I say

Want to know you every day.

I need you, it’s just this way

It’s the gorgeous look upon your face.


I love you

Don’t make me wait

Nothing but my heart to take

I need you, to decide my fate

Just say that you will stay to play!


I love you,

You know it’s true,

I’d do anything you want me to.

Sun comes up, the sky is blue,

Tell me that you love me too. 


Dreaming of me

3 11 2011

And everything’s happening at the same time again

You’re with someone and guess who’ve I’ve seen

And everyone’s happy with everything that’s happening

But I wish she would smile and be here with me.


I tell you to be what you are and it’s working

But what do I do about her and about me?

I tell you to fake it and see how it’s going

But I don’t think she’s even noticed I’m me


So you win from the two of us and I’m left here alone

Dreaming of gorgeousness dreaming of me

So you leave me alone praying my dreams come true

Dreams that are gorgeous and dreams that are me

But they never come true and I know that they lie to me

But what can I do that will save me again

I know that I’m left with a life full of dreams

Dreams of the day when I see the one that was meant to be

With me. 

Wedding Hues

5 10 2011

This was written when I was still at school and it’s one of my favourite early songs.  It has a pattern, a story, some bearable rhyme and goes to a pretty decent tune too.

Colour blue

Waiting for you

To return

To me.

Colour red

Lying in bed

Wanting you

Beside me.

Colour yellow

Feeling hollow

Without you

Within me.

Colour black

Please come back

You belong

Next to me.

Colour orange

It’s so strange

Alone with you

Noone but me.

Colour white

Tonight’s the night

With love to you

from me.

Colour green

Never seen

Naked bodies

Beside me.

Colour purple

Your disciple

Follow you

Sacrifice me.

Colour pink

Please don’t sink

I’m here

Hold me.

Colour grey

Please say

That you

Love me.

Colour brown

Virginal gown

Wear to wed

Propose to me.

Colour of money

Love me honey

Don’t do it

unless you love me.



In the good old days

5 09 2011

In the good old days I’d sing you a song

And you knew that I loved you all day long

And we’d always be together and we’d always be true

You in love with me and me in love with you

In the good old days

In the good old days


I have a new song that I’d like us to share

Our good old days haven’t gone anywhere

We’re living them today like we always do

You’re in love with me and I’m in love with you

In the good old days

In the good old days


The good old days are here to stay

We love each other in the same exquisite way

The future is bright and the future is ours

We share our future amongst the stars

In the good old days

In the good old days


The good old days aren’t going anywhere

They’ll always be here in the love we share

The future is ours and our future is bright

I’ll love you every day and love you every night

In the good old days

In the good old days


22 08 2011

The sun has gone and the wind blows cold

I stand and watch and wait to grow old

I think of you and the secret I sold

I watch for the light and wait to be told

Why you are walking away

To another friend on another day.  

The moon is sad and my heart beats slow

The sea is beckoning way below

I feel my body but it isn’t there

I dream of old my soul is bare

Why you are slipping away

To another end in another place. 

The end is gone

21 08 2011

This one is about 20 years old already – amazing to think I’ve been carrying these songs around on scraps of paper for two decades.  Now some of them are going electronic, will they last longer that way, or will the end come soon enough anyway?

And it’s dark

And it’s cold

And the rain beats down inside my soul

And I’m alone

And I’m old

And empty steals around

Inside my soul

The end is gone

Let’s start again she said

Let go of her

Be with me instead

And it’s dawn

And it’s light

And the stars are clear

And strong all night

And I’m warm

And you’re right

And I forget about her

Without a fight

And I smile again

Because I see her eyes

And they say to me

Let there be no lies. 

One way or another

14 08 2011

Another short, sharp punky riff I guess.  Good for pogo-ing to if you use the tune I’ve got going for it in my head.

One way or another

you remind me,

of another

The sparkling smile

the wondering why

the softest skin

as I welcome you in

One way or another

you remind me

of another

The glittering smile

the reasoning why

the cleanest skin

as I suck you in

One way or another

you make me,

lose another

The breaking heart

the falsest start

the wondering how

I could be here now

One way or another

you make me

lose another

The screaming heart

the stuttering start

the presuming how

I could see you now

One way or another

you will find me

with another

The chance to be

 your mystery

the freshest face

 of your latest taste

One way or another

you will find me

with another

The hope to be

your eternity

The purest face

of your fated taste

There’s only one way

I know no other

I know no other

I know no no no…