The Santa’s Singers at Belgrano Athletic Club 2013

27 12 2013

My singing of songs took on a whole new plane last year when I joined the Santa’s Singers. 聽Unfortunately ( 馃檪 ) I spent the whole of December 2012 in Peru and so couldn’t join the singers at any of their yearly carolling events. 聽But this year, after two hard months of weekly rehearsals, I made my Santa’s Singers’ debut at the Belgrano Athletic Club. 聽

Belgrano Athletic Club

Belgrano Athletic Club

Unfortunately, since I’m a tall bass and so stand at the end of the line, I spent most of the gig behind a lampshade, but you can enjoy my left ear at times. 聽And if you know my voice you might be able to distinguish my dulcet tones at certain more confident moments, although I was rather quiet tonight as it’s been a long time since my singing voice has been on stage, even among such supportive companions. 聽

The song list for the evening went as follows:

. come聽share聽this聽night聽of聽joy
. away in a manger
. el nacimiento
. the joy of christmas

Many thanks to Mike and聽his wife for organising the filming of the singing. 聽And congratulations to my companeros for being such a great choir and welcoming me with open arms. 聽And a special mention to our choir master, Ian, for leading us to heights聽undreamed of.