Comment on Damian William’s blog post ‘Solutionism in ELT: magic bullet or malady?’

16 01 2015

Brilliant blog post by Damian Williams inspired me to comment thus:

Thanks for introducing me to Solutionism, Damian!
And just to further your thought, while course books get a lot of flack these days, it’ll be teachers getting a lot of flack tomorrow, while technology ironically takes us back a century. And while I don’t agree that course books are unrivalled (my students get a lot more out of authentic materials, unlike solutionists) I do agree that good teachers are and always will be.




One response

17 01 2015

Thanks for the comment, Neil. Always good to hear your opinion on the big issues. And of course you’re right about teachers. I think I was a bit overzealous in my use of the word ‘unrivalled’ – I meant not rivalled by apps, but got a bit carried away I think 🙂

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