Ways of Varying Feedback

22 11 2011

Ways of Varying Feedback

This is a handout that I originally used as part of my Feedback Fiesta talks, which then got distilled into the fourteen ways of varying feedback which are in the new version of Feedback Fiesta for 2011:

1.T reads out passage and stops before answers for SS to give answer.
2.SS nominate each other to answer.
3.T reads text with answers, SS listen with books closed. SS then open books and check answers with P, asking T about ones can’t remember or not sure of.
4.T only checks answers to ‘difficult’ questions.
5.SS check answers in pairs and if have different answers ask T/SS check with answers on board.
6.T gives SS answers with the homework. Ss do homework, check it themselves and bring questions to class.
7.T gives each SS one correct answer and SS mill to check all.
8.T chooses SS to write answer on board.
9.T calls out Q numbers randomly and SS race to board to write correct answers.
10.T gives half answers to one half of class and half to other, SS swap answers across class in shouting dictation.
11.T gives answers to one SS who corrects homework and then passes on to next SS. If someone hasn’t seen answers by end of class they have to ask another SS for homework.
12.T nominates SS to play T and get feedback from rest of class in any way they like.
13.T emails answers to SS between classes for them to self correct. SS email T with Qs before next class.
14.SS have laminated A4 sheet on which to write answer. T calls out Q and each group holds up answer on sheet.
These all come in useful when giving feedback on language or receptive skills tasks.  Do you have any other variations you use that you can add to the list?



4 responses

16 12 2011

thanks for the ideas. I’m going to use these in my classes. Too often than not I do the same thing for feedback. I noticed that you are a teacher trainer. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you get into that? And are there any programmes you’d recommend?

18 12 2011

Hi Sharon. You’re welcome for the ideas, hope they help. There should be more on the way soon. I became a teacher trainer having done the DELTA and then being a Director of Studies for five years. If you want to get into Teacher Training, the DELTA modules and particularly Module Two are definitely the best way to do it.

19 12 2011

I’ve been meaning to do a diploma course for years. Though with the new modular system, the DELTA is hard, especially for us who live in Asia. I’m goign to have to go through Trinity, I think.

Do you freelance or did you get help after finishing the DELTA to find a teacher training position?

20 12 2011

Hi again Sharon.

I’ve worked for International House since my first year or teaching, so I became a teacher trainer with IH Buenos Aires Teacher Training here in Argentina (where we do a combined intensive Delta Modules course if you’re interested…)

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