About Neil McMahon

I am a teacher and teacher trainer living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I have worked for International House since since my second year of teaching in the Czech Republic.

After four years in Prague (where I worked at a secondary school before joining Akcent (now IH Prague), doing the Delta in 2000) and a summer stint at IH London, I moved to Buenos Aires.

I have worked as a teacher at IH Buenos Aires Recoleta, was DoS of IH Buenos Aires Belgrano for four and a half years, and now work as a senior teacher trainer at IH Buenos Aires Teacher Training, mostly delivering CELTA and Delta Modules courses, with the odd month of teaching General and Business English thrown in for good measure.

I am also the Academic Coordinator for Resources and Dos Support for the International House World Organisation (IHWO), which gives me the opportunity to help the DoSes of IH schools with their day to day jobs, as well as commissioning, editing (and sometimes writing) new materials writing projects (such as the IHWO Games Bank)  for IH teachers to use.

I also tutor online teacher development courses (such as IHCAM, IHDOS, IHCOLT, IHCERT, as well as online workshops) at the IHWO Online Teacher Training Institute.

I am also an IHWO Quality & Standards inspector and have inspected IH schools in Uruguay, Mexico, Costa Rica and Chile.


2 responses

11 07 2011
Sandy Millin

Welcome to the blogosphere Neil!

11 07 2011

Many thanks Sandy!

I hope to help and entertain (and of course amuse) a little along the way…

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