Metaphor Magic

27 07 2011

Metaphor Magic Powerpoint Slides

This was a workshop I did at the ABS International Challenge Your English Conference in 2006.  The theme of the conference is to help Englaish Language teachers in South America improve their own English in order to help their students improve theirs.

In this workshop we focused on the power of metaphor and through a variety of activties the participants improved their colloquial and idomatic use of English and also their ability to use and create their own metaphoric language.

Enjoy the slides and handout available above and I’ll be back soon with some reworkings of this workshop in the form of new ideas and teaching suggestions about metaphor.  And of course if you have any ideas, questions and suggestions to share, please just leave a comment.

Metaphor Magic Click here for handout




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31 07 2011
Alastair Grant

I think, more than a bit of judicious drilling, it should be done unapologetically! As a student of Spanish I need my teacher to tell me how to pronounce words – it’s frustrating for me when I can’t, especially with the difference in the word stress that you’ve pointed out here.

The most useful tool I’ve found in backchaining, getting SS to repeat the final consonant of the word first, then the penultimate and so on – building the word up by bite-sized chunks of sound, thus focussing on the sounds the words really makes than the sound they think it should make.

More drilling! Avanti!

31 07 2011

Completely agree with your bigging up of backchaining, Alastair. As my CELTA trainees will tell you, I’m a big fan! Just make sure there’s a stressed syllable in there at the end of the chain!

Not sure I agree with where you’ve made this comment, mind? A metaphorical link I’m missing? 🙂

6 10 2012
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