Back on track

13 10 2011

Easy by mcneilmahon at Garmin Connect – Details.

Almost three months after injuring my foot and I finally hit the roads again.  Gentle as you like and with plenty of ice afterwards, but I managed 3km and 25 minutes of slow jogging and it just felt so good to be out there again.

The aim is to take it slow and build it up and try and have an injury free summer, but since I ran today almost continuously I feel like I’ve already overdone it.

And since I was really focused on how my knees and feet were doing and how I was running, there weren’t really any flowing thoughts today, just a blurred feeling of relief to get through it and happiness about finally being back on track.  Long may it continue!




3 responses

13 10 2011
Alastair Grant

Good stuff mate – hope it continues – might even join you one of these fine days after I finally leave Camel at home and tell him he can’t come running with me.

I’ve got knee probs and apparently have to have some kay-knee-zee-ology…. very dull but must be done.

We’ll do that BS 42k together yet.

13 10 2011
Alastair Grant

…or even that BA 42k…how Freudian….

16 10 2011

Physio is very boring but can really make it a difference – was my physio that got me into running in the first place. Not sure I’ll ever get to the rhythm of your sleek running machine in order to be able to keep up on a joint run mind…

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