My CPD and I – Developing my fulfillment

7 08 2011

I’ve recently been enjoying the company of a lot of disparate thoughts knocking around inside my empty head, some of them appearing as a result of writing this blog (what great personal and professional development blog writing and reading and commenting are!), as well as a result of the various jobs I do and roles I play in the different areas of my life.

Some seeds have been sown which are shooting up and about to bloom into ideas and thoughts and questions and hopfully flower-lined paths towards a richer and more fulfilling future.  These thoughts have been about where I’m at, where I’m going to, and where I should be – am I still pushing myself sufficiently?  Am I being held back?  Am I being impatient?  Am I missing opportunities?  This series of blog posts (My CPD and I) is where I go delving into my own development.

I guess I’m doing it as a kind of catharsis, a reflection and a way of planning how to move forward.  I’m doing it aloud to keep the motivation going; to hopefully find some similar thinkers out there who may recognise similar struggles; to maybe help someone through reading my thoughts on the process they’re going through and most of all, selfishly, to get some help from some of you with the moving forward part – all supportive comments welcome.




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7 08 2011

Hi Neil,

I’m pondering moving on at the moment too. What’s the next step?. Where am I going? etc….. I’m trying to choose an MA course and work out how to pay for it! The course itself should be challenge enough let alone figuring out how to pay for it!



8 08 2011

Hi Leahn,

Many thanks for reading the blog and commenting. I’ve often toyed with the idea of doing an MA course, but as soon as I see the prices the toying quickly stops. Problems are, I can’t afford one on what I earn and I also can’t see how it would be a decent investment in the long term. What’s your motivation for doing it, simply to continue developing or you have discovered a concrete future benefit?

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